Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Please be seated

We finally got Knob (Knackered Old Banger) , the car-list 924s, to EMC Motorsport in Dudley. They confirmed that our diagnosis of a failed head gasket was correct, but thankfully there appears to be no damage to the bores, head, pistons etc.

In fact they repeated their view that it was a good solid old car, so it made sense to replace all of the coolant pipes and the cam-belt while the head was off. And Mikey completely failed to resist the temptation to get some seats and 4 point race harnesses installed.

Fair enough, the standard drivers seats was in a bit of a state, and you really were hanging onto the steering wheel for grim death when the Pilot Sport Cups were on, but right now my bank balance is in the same state as the old head gasket.

Anyway, a certain amount of wheeling and dealing was done, and Knob will be returned with two Sabalt GT2's for driver and victim. Oddly enough, EMS also found an early 944turbo rear anti-roll-bar in the boot. For only a small consideration they matched it with a front, and they will also be put on the car. I think that probably only leaves a roll-cage and another set of 16" D90's from the original wish-list.

Roll on the next track-day; currently a mid-October Bedford date.

PS: Seats not available so look for a repeat of the b*ggers death grip at Bedford!