Friday, 5 December 2014

911T Project - Dansk Exhaust

It was dry and sunny last weekend, so eldest son and I popped up to Goodwood to see if anything was going on, and to take advantage of the last dry tarmac before winter sets in properly.

There was a track-day going on, but we couldn't see any particularly interesting machinery circulating.

On the way back - we took the scenic route towards Petworth on the road of death; a lovely section of fast 'A' road that twists up through the woods to the crest of the South Downs, then descends down along a valley for a mile or two before a sweeping, climbing left hander takes it up and over a final rise before it plummets down into the valley at Duncton. 

It's a favourite bikers' route, which might explain some of the carnage, but not how this poor bloke managed to go off so disastrously in a 30mph section.

But I digress; I dropped eldest so off with a camera and he took some footage of the car. Apologies in advance for the poor quality; there's clearly more to this motoring video blog lark than meets the eye!