Thursday, 20 December 2007

Mars and Venus

Mrs SS7 got a bit of a shock the other day when it cost her £70 to fill the family shed (our BMW 520i Tourer) with unleaded, at £1.09 for every litre. Now she normally reckons on doing this 3 or 4 times per month, so suddenly it has been decided that a more economical replacement is needed.

To be fair the BMW now spending most if its time on local runs, however an arbitrary £10k budget has been assigned and the hunt is on.

Unfortunately, based on the conversations we’ve had so far I think we’re some way from agreement on the BMW’s replacement.

Or maybe not…..

Venus “Our priority is a safe 5*NCap car with lots room for the boys”
Mars “Our priority is a safe car that’s great to drive”

Venus “It needs to be really economical on fuel - more than 45mpg”
Mars “Its needs to have good residuals depreciation is the real killer – we should really look at low total cost of ownership”

Venus “Its needs to be front wheel drive”
Mars “It needs rear wheel drive for steering response or 4wd for all weather traction”

Venus “It needs to look smart on the drive”
Mars “Its needs to get knowing nods at the Goodwood breakfast”

Venus “Leather seats would be nice”
Mars “Based on the fact that inside of the BMW resembles a cross between a skip, a dressing table, and Toys R’Us, we need to be able to hose down the interior”

Venus “I like blue”
Mars “Silver would be better for residuals”

Venus “I like those Renault Scenics”
Mars “No French cars”

Venus “I also want a 6 cds player”
Mars “You want parking sensors..”

Venus “I’d like a nice Golf”
Mars “How about W124 Merc TE 300D?”

Venus “The 1.9tdiGolf looks like the most economical”
Mars “The 2.0tdi Golf has 30% more torque and 140bhp”

Venus “Lets go and see the VW dealer in Chichester”
Mars “Let me have 10 mins with Pistonheads classified”

Venus “I can’t be bother to sell it privately, lets see what trade in the dealer will give us”
Mars “Let me have 10 mins with Pistonheads classified”

Mars, “Blue Golf 1.9 Tdi it is then (and p-ex the BMW)”