Wednesday, 25 February 2009

My Greatest Motoring Moments

1/ Driving a girlfriend's Alfasud. All of 1200cc, but a pure driving experience that a series of MGB's had never provided

3/ Taking my Escort RS turbo company car to Austria skiing, and hooning up and down some valley roads just for the hell of it. Until the native's complained. Oh, and winding the speedo past 140 and off the clock on the way home!

3/Borrowing the old man's Porsche 924 and emptying 2 tanks of fuel driving sideways around Oxfordshire in the pouring rain. Brought up on fwd, I hadn't really known what steering feel meant until then.

4/Hungover and knackered when I collect my 911/964 from the dealer in Hamburg. Twenty minutes later I was doing 165mph on the autobahn, hangover a distance memory and feeling more alive than I had done for months. I laughed all the way through Belgium.

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