Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Hello Again, I'm back.

After 6 months in Hong Kong I find myself back in West Sussex, enjoying the closest we've had to a summer for years. I have a friend, originally from California, who when asked "So how long have you lived here for?" typically answers: "Around 3 summers now - that's about 12 years.....".

Well Lynn, its 4 summers now!

Anyway, I do digress. Hong Kong may have its good points, but a petrolhead nirvana it is not. The interweb kept me abreast of what was happening in the world of cars and bikes, and monthly, eye-wateringly expensive, copies of CAR magazine were a regular treat.

But reading and watching video was no substitute for hands-on experience. It was like living in some post oil-age world, where motoring only takes place in virtual reality.

Perhaps that's why I found my creative juices drying up; buses and a tube system (albeit a highly efficient one) just don't do it for me, and even the odd Sunday morning bark of a Ferrari accelerating hard between the endless sets of traffic lights wasn't muse enough.

But after a month enjoying warm dry tarmac on two wheels and four, the sap is rising once again. Welcome back to the Car List Blog, sorry its been so long.


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