Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Chav Tat Goodwood Breakfast Meet

One of the joys of life down here at the margins of Great Britain is our proximity to Goodwood. Not just for the headline events, like the Revival or the Festivals, but also the other activities run almost every week of the year.

A brilliant innovation that started a few years ago was the monthly Breakfast Club. Usually held on the first Sunday of every month, initially during the summer but now pretty much all year, its an informal gathering of the motoring faithful to sample some of Lord M's organic pork product, enjoy the Sussex fresh air, and get a run out. As it starts early and is wrapped up by late morning, its also an excellent opportunity for the BBT* club to get some 'me' time.

Each Sunday has a theme; sometime a nationality (Japanese cars, French cars), or something more general (Anything but 4 wheels, 80's Icons). Its a risk, there's is little real organisation of attendees (although arrangements are made for some cars) and Goodwood really don't know who its going to turn up at each event. And the weather can be a factor; no garage queen Ferrari will be risked if there's a likelihood of rain!

Any complaints revolve around the price of the food (stop complaining, bring you own sandwiches & remember its free to get in), and the selection of vehicles for the favoured grid and paddock spots can sometime seem perverse'

Yet they've clearly struck a rich seam, most events have a great turnout of top quality vehicles, and the annual 'Supercar Sunday' attracts thousands of breakfasters, rubber neckers and City-bonus purchases each year.

So I was looking forward to last Sunday. The theme was 'Souped Up Sunday' and held the promise of Hot Rods, modded retro stuff, cool Euro-look VWs, and other examples of great quality, home built engineering.

How disappointed was I. Now I'll admit the weather forecast wasn't that encouraging (don't I know it; during Friday's ride home I felt like a 2 wheeled Jacques Cousteau), but there was no excuse for the humdrum, poorly or barely modded, pure factory or sheer crap that was presented last weekend.

An old Honda Civic with an ebay 'coilover' kit and a rattlecan black bonnet doesn't deserve space for its leaking sump on Goodwood's hallowed tarmac.

Its the exception, not the rule, but I suspect its time Goodwood put a little more effort into the running of the Breakfast Events.

*"Back by Twelve (or else)"


Anonymous said...

It's a bit choice moaning about a dribbly Honda and then showing a picture of 2 imported Nissans! Pat

Shoestring7 said...

I did take the camera but my will failed when faced with such a paucity of interesting subjects, so this solitary Blackberry snap was all I had!