Monday, 13 May 2013

911 Project Update

Well the telecom companies have finally managed successfully to install broadband into the new abode. Much like hangovers, the pain and nervous exhaustion brought on by every house move is enough to make me swear never to do it again. I didn't make things any easier this time by dismantling the old Porsche before moving it from garage to garage. Not only are a dozen crates full of components littering the house, but body panels decorate almost every room. And the only option for moving the 'car' - in reality a bare rolling chassis - was for me to push it down the road while one of the younger SS7s sat on a wooden box and steered. The proximity of the 'new' house to the old one - 400m at most - was a definite bonus. As I write, 200kgs of 911 engine still sits on the floor of the old garage. 

The actual project - removing only the glass and parts essential for new paint, and refreshing the mechanicals - has progressed to a full blow restoration. My reluctance to take the final step of stripping the car of its wiring loom, braking system and all of the running gear wilted in the face of determined opposition from the DDK crew. 

Here's a picture of the car. Its on the driveway sitting on a dolly ready for the next stage of the project.

More next time.


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