Saturday, 24 August 2013

911 Project Latest

The school holidays mean I've been busy looking after the two boys, but in between day trips and sporting activities and days on the beach I've been able to spend some time on the car.

My first stagegate is to get the car back on its wheels; that means suspension, brakes and various undercar pipes and wires.

Front strut - Tuthill's had already replaced the tired internals with
nice new Bilstein dampers

After much (internal) debate I decided to keep the current brake set-up
for now, however the calipers looked scruffy and seals are sh*gged so
they went off for a re-build.

Rear suspension and brakes on - just waiting for some correct nylocs for the trailing arm and lower damper bolts. The rear dampers are also new Bilsteins. 

Lots of bling. One of the front calipers was scrap - the casting had cracked -
but luckily those nice people at Classic Car Automotive in sunny Macclesfield
who did such a nice job of the rebuild were able to provide a spare

Top mounts. I've replaced all of the suspension bushes
throughout with purple Superpro kit

Al Fresco restoration - as my garage barely big enough to get the
car in, I have to drag the car onto the drive for almost every operation. 


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