Wednesday, 26 November 2014

911 Project. Should this be aloud?

I mentioned in my running in post that the silencer I'd re-fitted to the car was cream crackered. The internal baffles had worked loose - this might have been self-inflicted when I wire bushed the surface rust clean - and close inspection revealed cracks around one inlet and at the exit. 

The original plan had been to run with a 'three out' system. Essentially this adds two exits under the bumper overriders, and both can be closed off with removable metal caps when hush is desired. 
Original concept showing a '3 out' exhaust

However, research revealed that while this was possible, it would require a bespoke unit at a cost of around £800-.  I tried various 'wanted' ads without success, and eventually chose a Dansk unit from This was billed as a 'Non-TUV Sports Exhaust'. Even shipped from Holland, it was less than half the price of a 3 out unit, and had two fat 60mm exhaust tips either side of the centre line.

Fitting it single handed was a bit of a struggle, and I did have to loosen the rear 'bumper' for some more wiggle room, but the fit was ok - never something to be taken for granted when it come to pattern parts.

Now I'm a middle-aged bloke who generally doesn't like to make a lot of fuss as I go about my business, but I just love the new exhaust noise. It rumbles like a Nascar at idle, has that typical 911 rasp in the mid-range, and rises to a buzz-saw howl over 5000rpm. The car attracts quite a lot of attention anyway, but in town necks now snap around to see what's coming down the road. Even though, I judge it not to be offensively loud, in the way say a de-baffled Harley is, but it'll be interesting to see if I get tugged at any point. 

On the downside, there's a little droning, but this occurs around town - at motorway speeds and at a light throttle opening the Dansk silencer is little noisier than the original unit. I suspect it means Goodwood track-days will be a no-go, but hey, the place terrifies me anyway! 

I'll work on getting a down the road video, but here are a couple of static clips I loaded onto Youtube:



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