Thursday, 28 December 2006

First Impressions Count

Well K-day is here and I picked up the car this morning. :-) :-)

Collecting the car from the OPC was a nice efficient process, and 30 minutes after arriving I was driving out of the showroom in my pride and joy.

Some thoughts, notes and impressions based on the first 25 miles:

  1. The seats looks great in Alcantara – even the ‘leatherette’ is of reasonable quality, especially compared to the lousy leather Porsche use.
  2. I have to say it looks very good in white; I particularly like the way you can see the front wings as you drive. I hope its warm enough for a bit of Zymolling this weekend!
  3. I graunched the front spoiler on the company car-park up-ramp, but I parked it on the roof so I can see it if I wander over to that side of the building. I’ve only done this twice so far!
  4. I came up from the OPC on the long and winding road route, but there are too many slow moving numpties around to make any progress. However I did give chase to a British Gas Fiesta (!!!!) van that saw me in the mirrors and was off on a mission; 85mph on a greasy, wet ‘B’ road up from Chobham wasn’t too shabby.
  5. Gears are new-stiff, but the ratio’s are nice and close
  6. ‘Sport’ button really changes the car’s rhythm; you have to change gear faster – I discovered this crashing 3rd gear in front of a Ferrari garage!!
  7. I still can’t believe its mine and can't get this wretched grin off my face
  8. Did I mention it looks bloody good in white? AFM Guildford had it in their showroom when I arrived, just one white and one yellow Cayman in a sea of grey, silver and black Porsches
  9. Ride is fine, almost gentle, even on sh*tty tarmac; this is the spec. my mate Mr S should have gone for (he didn’t; he picked 19”’s and no PASM and returned his after three weeks before it damaged his spine)
  10. Cold new tyres + slimy roads + roundabout = horrible understeer + near coronary within 750metres of collecting the car
  11. Driving position great. Although I did have an ‘Oh God’ moment at first. I’d set the driving position as I wanted in the car in the dealer's showroom. But driving away it felt really weird. That confused me as the demonstrator fitted like a glove & now the bloody seat is too high. Then I remember that Mrs SS7 had tried my car for size afterwards, & sure enough, she’d fiddled with the adjustments. Phew, it still fits like a glove; seat on the floor, wheel high & close, just like Mr Priaulx and I like it.
  12. The engine is as smooth as a spun silk crooner in the chill out room at the Velvet club in Smoothsville Arizona
  13. It feels meaty enough up to the 4000-ish rpm I’m currently using
  14. Did I mention I love the colour? Even Mrs SS7 is warming to it.
  15. It really feels solid; no rattles, creaks, groans or bangs.
  16. I need to paint the wheels high gloss black. It’s a shame the roads are so slimey as they will be black within a week anyway.
  17. The secretaries saw me arrive at work so now everyone knows I’m a rich bastard/menopausal disaster area (take your pick)
  18. It had 5.5 miles on the clock when I picked it up.
  19. It took a few churns of the starter to get it running this morning – presumably it had just been moved a little way last night and had cylinders full of fuel.
  20. Brakes are a little spongy, I imagine they’ll come good with use
  21. It whistles in 6th. Only reached 6th once so need to check this out
  22. I haven’t turned the radio on yet, but I have used ‘Sport’, PASM & ESP off
  23. It has the Bridgestone tyres
  24. The salesman asked me if I was going to use if for trackdays as the spec. was great for that. The look on Mrs SS7’s face says “No”.


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Jack said...

Nice comments. Now just enjoy it. Don't keep that 4000rpm mentality too long.........