Thursday, 28 December 2006

First Impressions Count

Well K-day is here and I picked up the car this morning. :-) :-)

Collecting the car from the OPC was a nice efficient process, and 30 minutes after arriving I was driving out of the showroom in my pride and joy.

Some thoughts, notes and impressions based on the first 25 miles:

  1. The seats looks great in Alcantara – even the ‘leatherette’ is of reasonable quality, especially compared to the lousy leather Porsche use.
  2. I have to say it looks very good in white; I particularly like the way you can see the front wings as you drive. I hope its warm enough for a bit of Zymolling this weekend!
  3. I graunched the front spoiler on the company car-park up-ramp, but I parked it on the roof so I can see it if I wander over to that side of the building. I’ve only done this twice so far!
  4. I came up from the OPC on the long and winding road route, but there are too many slow moving numpties around to make any progress. However I did give chase to a British Gas Fiesta (!!!!) van that saw me in the mirrors and was off on a mission; 85mph on a greasy, wet ‘B’ road up from Chobham wasn’t too shabby.
  5. Gears are new-stiff, but the ratio’s are nice and close
  6. ‘Sport’ button really changes the car’s rhythm; you have to change gear faster – I discovered this crashing 3rd gear in front of a Ferrari garage!!
  7. I still can’t believe its mine and can't get this wretched grin off my face
  8. Did I mention it looks bloody good in white? AFM Guildford had it in their showroom when I arrived, just one white and one yellow Cayman in a sea of grey, silver and black Porsches
  9. Ride is fine, almost gentle, even on sh*tty tarmac; this is the spec. my mate Mr S should have gone for (he didn’t; he picked 19”’s and no PASM and returned his after three weeks before it damaged his spine)
  10. Cold new tyres + slimy roads + roundabout = horrible understeer + near coronary within 750metres of collecting the car
  11. Driving position great. Although I did have an ‘Oh God’ moment at first. I’d set the driving position as I wanted in the car in the dealer's showroom. But driving away it felt really weird. That confused me as the demonstrator fitted like a glove & now the bloody seat is too high. Then I remember that Mrs SS7 had tried my car for size afterwards, & sure enough, she’d fiddled with the adjustments. Phew, it still fits like a glove; seat on the floor, wheel high & close, just like Mr Priaulx and I like it.
  12. The engine is as smooth as a spun silk crooner in the chill out room at the Velvet club in Smoothsville Arizona
  13. It feels meaty enough up to the 4000-ish rpm I’m currently using
  14. Did I mention I love the colour? Even Mrs SS7 is warming to it.
  15. It really feels solid; no rattles, creaks, groans or bangs.
  16. I need to paint the wheels high gloss black. It’s a shame the roads are so slimey as they will be black within a week anyway.
  17. The secretaries saw me arrive at work so now everyone knows I’m a rich bastard/menopausal disaster area (take your pick)
  18. It had 5.5 miles on the clock when I picked it up.
  19. It took a few churns of the starter to get it running this morning – presumably it had just been moved a little way last night and had cylinders full of fuel.
  20. Brakes are a little spongy, I imagine they’ll come good with use
  21. It whistles in 6th. Only reached 6th once so need to check this out
  22. I haven’t turned the radio on yet, but I have used ‘Sport’, PASM & ESP off
  23. It has the Bridgestone tyres
  24. The salesman asked me if I was going to use if for trackdays as the spec. was great for that. The look on Mrs SS7’s face says “No”.



Jack said...

Nice comments. Now just enjoy it. Don't keep that 4000rpm mentality too long.........

Jaqulin Farnandez said...
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Jaqulin Farnandez said...

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