Friday, 15 December 2006

From Evo Magazine, 100th Edition, page 68:

My mono-mania over Cayman options lead me to write to Evo magazine after their last edition. In their annual Car of the Year edtion (COTY) they gave the Cayman poor scores. Most of this was because it was hugely expensive compared with the oposition. They published it in the next edition:


I’m not sure which comedian specc’d the £46,793 Cayman 2.7 you used in your COTY test - maybe they left the order form on the kitchen table and didn’t notice their 6 year old had ticked all the option boxes in crayon - but it’s a very long way from being typical. The average new Boxster/Cayman has around £3k of options when it leaves the dealer. So a 2.7 at £39k (with leather seats, small steering wheel, ‘Sport’ pack and 18” wheels) it would have been a lot more of a representative steer.

By the way, the Sports Package gives you a 6 speed box and PASM for £1426, whereas PASM alone is around £1030. Another £396 doesn’t seem much to pay for a feature that would seem to address a large part of your CoTY criticism."

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