Monday, 1 October 2007

No Limits

I was reading about some bloke who basically nicked a customer's 997 turbo and went for a blast on some inappropiate local roads. The Busy's nabbed him at 172mph, and he got 10 months in the gaol. Not for taking a £100k car without the owner's permission but for driving very very fast, which according to the press, was the most serious offence.
I've not driven at 172mph, but I've been close, and it was entirely legal and on public roads.
In 1998, on the quiet Autobahn heading towards Belgium, I maintained an indicated 265kph (~165mph) in a Porsche 964C4 for 5 mins on the way back from buying it in Hamburg. I eased off a little when passing traffic, so never really got to the point where the needle stopped edging around the dial. My main impression, apart from the speed of approaching trucks, was the incredible wind noise, and how 180kph felt very slow afterwards.

Six month later I hit a mere 255kph (158mph) in a 968 I bought from the same dealer after some scumbags nicked the 964. I remember being a little dissappointed (but not surprised) not to reach the 260kph mark.
And I'm still alive to tell the tale.

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