Friday, 19 October 2007

The Stig

I recently attended a conference run by a Software vendor. The highlight was probably one of those inspirational presentations by the Yo Sushi Dragon, Simon Woodruff. For somewhat spurious reasons (well the CEO is a club racer..) the day had a motor racing theme and they’d engaged ‘The Stig’ as the after dinner speaker.

I was introduced to the ‘Stig’ at the bar in the early evening. He's a fit looking mid-forty year old with little in the way of hair, and like a lot of racing drivers is a compact 5' 8" or so. Understandably his favourite subject is ‘The Stig’, but he had some amusing tales none-the-less and was kind enough to sign my copy of his autobiography.

Highlight of his after-dinner speach was some ribtickling versions of Kimi Raikkenen as a SatNav unit : [in disinterested Scandinavian drawl] “So, for sure, in 500metres you turn left. Or go straight on, I don’t really give a damn* its up to you." His other mimic was Schuey&Rubens as Dastardly & Muttley : “Zo Rubens, you vere vaster zan I vos in qualifiing, but in zee race you vill let me past, correct?” Rubens: "Hee hee hee hee”.

His other favourite subject is females, and alledgedly soon after dinner he made his excuses and left, in the company of a cute doe-eyed Argentine client of my hosts. There was some gentle ribbing the next day about the special driving tuition she’d received….

*He didn’t say Damn…..”

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