Thursday, 24 January 2013

Porsche 911T Project - The Cold

Even in our technically sophisticated world there are still little understood physical phenomena. That the inside of a garage can actually be colder than ambient temperature outside is one, and that the metal contents of that garage can be colder still is another.

Ok, so this is my way of explaining the lack of progress since the last update. As my little bit of England chills under snow, ice and sub-zero temperatures, the nearest I've come to spending quality working time on the car is staring at the garage from the warmth of the living room.


Like the SAS, I have completed a couple of limited scope missions, aimed at producing maximum results from minimum exposure to danger. Or at least, with minimum danger of losing a toe or two to frostbite. 

So the instruments are out. They'll go off for some refurbishment later on, and their absence gives access to the various dashboard fixings. The steering wheel too is now sitting on the top of the growing pile of old 911 components decorating my living room. In its place I'll put the one that was in the car when it arrived from Florida - that should allow the car to be manoeuvred while it's in pieces.

I've taken photos of the back of each instrument to give me at least a fighting chance of reconnecting the wiring later on.

The seat belts came out easily, as did the trim panels on the rear 3/4 panel. They will go off to be covered in basket weave to match the door cards. Or at least, they will when the trimmer has finished moving his workshop to another unit 50metres away - D day didn't take so long. 

But I digress; next item on the mission list was to strip the doors of trim, window frames, glass, and locking & winding mechanisms. A further dawn raid and this was completed. 

A learning point; a task undertaken for the second time takes around 1/3 of the time it took first time around. Awful sentence, but you know what I mean; last summer stripping doors took most of a day each. This time I had them in pieces within a couple of hours.

However, from now on, fair reader, its a voyage into the unknown.

As for colours, my conundrum can be expressed in two statements; 

1. If in doubt, an old 911 should always be returned to its original colour. In this case, silver.

2. Does the world really need yet another silver 911?


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