Friday, 1 February 2013

Careers Advice

I am blessed with two sons. Well, they are a blessing most of the time anyway. The eldest one is in his school's Year 10 (or the 4th form in old money), and this week, as is the modern way, he was offered an interview with a 'careers advisor'. 

I can only assume the objective of this was to give the boy some idea of the sort of choices that might be available to him once he leaves the establishment with his clutch of A Level.

It didn't go well.

After the usual preliminaries, he was asked if he had a career in mind, whereupon he announced that he was going to make his fame and fortune as a "Hotrod designer". No guesses as to where that came from.

Now at this point I would have expected this professional educator to gently steer the deluded teen towards something related but somewhat more realistic -  engineer? car designer? technician?

But no.

It transpires that the woman's husband is deeply into his hotrods, so they had a long discussion about the Hayride, various local companies that hack about old Fords, and the merits of flaming paint jobs.

Magnus Walker has a lot to answer for, for my part I have no chance. 


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