Sunday, 30 June 2013

911 Bits

I've been making slow progress on putting the 911 back together. I make a start each sub-assembly, and things progress smoothly for a good 2 or 3 minutes before I realise either:

1/ I needed a fixing that's disappeared, or hasn't been cleaned/painted or got missed off the last order from the fixings supplier or
2/ I can't quite remember how it came apart and not one of the ~600 photos I took when taking the car apart quite captured the angle I need, so I have to ask the long suffering DDK types (if consulting google and the Porsche PET diagrams proved fruitless) or
3/ There's a seal or a gasket or a bracket or other consumable that got consumed on disassembly that I haven't ordered yet.

As a result its still a long way from being car shaped. 

But here's a couple of pictures anyway:

Heater flapper boxes; before and after refurbishment

Right hand flapper box installed

Left hand etc.

Front anti-roll bar gorgeousness that will be completely
invisible once the car is wearing wheels

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