Wednesday, 12 June 2013

911T Project - Update

I'd mentioned that the 911 had been sent along to the blasters to have the old paint cleaned off. Well it's back and in the paintshop. 

Here's where we've got to:

Blast cleaned and coated

Re-profiling the rear arches

Smoothed and ready for paint

The other side (and shy paint genius)

Meanwhile I've been busy at home:

Hot air gun to remove the underseal

Wirebrushing the tank clean
After two coats of POR15, a sealant and a
good plastering with stone chip 
Clean front wishbones

Clean rear trailing arm......

Oil tank - its copper coated steel

Oil tank after a first coat of POR15

Front struts cleaned

Front struts painted in a jolly green,
approximating the Bilstein originals

Assorted bits blast cleaned....

....assorted bits painted

More assorted bits after paint.

Toodle pip,


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